Our story begins in 2011. That year we founded theCosmetics , a place that is part store, part laboratory, where we are dedicated to researching, enjoying and helping to improve skin care. Throughout these years, we have had the opportunity to listen to many people, their problems, their concerns and the needs of their body. We have tested hundreds of brands and thousands of products to find what our customers need at any time and learn what is best for each skin.

It has been an intense road to reach a conclusion. In the cosmetic market, despite being huge, something was missing. It was necessary to simplify.


Throughout this journey we have spoken with many people who feel that they are not taking care of themselves because the amount of products on the market prevents them from seeing what they really need. Some have even worsened their skin, precisely, by combining products in excess. And what we have seen the most, people who wish they could spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying life.

And it is that taking care of the skin has become a complex task. We have reached the point where it seems that to have a healthy appearance it is essential to apply a large number of products.

But our experience tells us the opposite. Over the years we have verified that in cosmetics, normally, less is more. And that, with the right ingredients, it is possible to create highly effective, natural and multifunctional products that take care of you simply and completely.

We want to take care of ourselves. But we also want to go out and feel life.


We believe that beauty is beyond a mirror. Beauty is out there, where perhaps we have never been before, where each person finds that which really makes us vibrate. On a trip, on a work project, on a big jump with your eyes closed, learning something new or going for a walk... beauty is out there.

We are Luisa and we work to simplify skin care.